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Direct Lenders for Installment Loans Offer you More for Less

Working with direct lenders for installment loans mean you get more for less. They can offer you more flexibility with the loan you ask for. They can work with all types of income, including self-employment. They can also work with all types of repayment plans. They don’t have a 3rd party in the mix that they have to answer to. As long as they follow the laws, they can give you what you need without anyone falling through the cracks.

Direct lenders for installment loans can also offer you lower interest rates. They don’t have to ensure that 3rd parties get paid too. As a result, you will get the funds you need but you won’t be paying so much back. You are the one that covers those 3rd party fees when you don’t work with a direct lender.

If you aren’t sure if an entity is a direct lender, ask them. You want to only work with direct lenders for installment loans to also ensure your information remains private. You can’t guarantee who is seeing it when there are 3rd parties in that mix. You always want to make sure your information remains secure.